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    The highly experienced San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul E. Chasan, performs this arm lift procedure in his Del Mar plastic surgery center to tighten loose skin on the upper arms, a.k.a. “batwings.” Excess loose skin is very common in patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and in older patients who have lost elasticity in their skin. Removing the excess skin of the arm is known as brachioplasty. Learn more about brachioplasty surgery and the results Dr. Chasan’s arm lift patients in the San Diego are can achieve through it.

    How Much Does an Upper Arm Lift Cost?

    Upper arm lift patients in San Diego can expect the cost of their surgery to cost between $12000 – $18000 with Dr. Chasan. Due to the variability of cases, some upper arm lift procedures are priced higher depending on the level of surgical complexity.

    Arm Lift Treatment and Technique

    As a person ages, their skin loses elasticity – one vulnerable area, in particular, is the underarm. While exercise can keep the muscle toned, the skin can still sag and droop. Fluctuations in weight and illness can also be a factor in underarm appearance.

    An arm lift – called a Brachioplasty – removes any fat and excess skin on the area between the armpit and the elbow. The procedure is safe and simple, immediately creating a more youthful and toned appearance for your arms.

    Dr. Paul Chasan, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a nationally renowned plastic surgeon who’s performed hundreds of arm lifts and other body sculpting procedures. Call 858.450.1555 for a consultation.

    Your procedure will be performed in Dr. Chasan’s Delmar facility. The elegant, luxurious environment may remind you of a spa, but the facility is equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment. 

    Fully staffed with R.N.s and board-certified anesthesiologists, the facility was designed as a center of excellence in various forms of cosmetic surgery. You can expect the highest quality medical care from a team that also prioritizes your comfort.

    Best Candidate for an Arm Lift

    Skin elasticity is not something a person can control. As we age, everyone – slender or curvy –will eventually experience sagging underarm “bat-wings.” People who lose significant amounts of weight may have a more severe issue with excess skin– not just on the underarm.

    The best candidates for arm lift surgery are healthy and maintain healthy body weight for their size. Non-smokers heal faster, so we always encourage clients to refrain from tobacco products. 

    There’s minimal risk in the procedure and under the care of Dr. Chasan, little or no chance of any visible scar. 

    What is the Arm Lift Process Like?

    You can start by scheduling an initial appointment with Dr. Chasan, just call our office at 858.450.1555. Every patient meets with the doctor and his team before any procedure.


    This first meeting follows the typical process – please be prepared to provide a medical history and prescribed medication list, if any. The doctor will want to know about any conditions that could affect the healing process. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    The staff will provide you with instructions for your pre=op preparation. We use general anesthesia for our procedures, so please be prepared to have someone who can drive you home after the procedure. 

    The Surgery

    Before the patient is sedated, Dr. Chasan or his medical team will measure the skin’s elasticity and mark the lines where the incisions will be made.

    Once you’ve been properly sedated, the doctor will cut open the skin, exposing the tissue and muscles beneath. The doctor will suction any excess fat and tighten the underlying tissue with stitches.

    At that point, the incised skin will be fitted around the new silhouette of the arm and the excess removed. If there is any concern with fluid buildup, drains may be implanted. The doctor will then complete the surgery and close the skin around the new shape of the arm. 

    Post-Operative Care

    Once the surgery is complete, you will be transferred to the recovery area under the care of the charge nurse. Depending on your reaction to the anesthesia, it will take an hour or so for you to awaken naturally.

    It’s normal to experience some discomfort and swelling. The doctor will recommend and prescribe any necessary pain management medication. 

    Expect your arms to be fully wrapped in bandages to protect the incisions. If Dr. Chasan thinks it’s necessary, a compression garment will be provided to minimize any swelling. 

    Follow Up 

    We will schedule your first follow up appointment before you leave the facility, typically within a day or two. When you come in, Dr. Chasan will remove the dressings and take out any drainage tubes.

    It’s recommended that you minimize any strenuous exercise or activities that might strain your incisions. Even lifting your arms straight upright can tug at the closures. Though this is not a complicated surgery, it takes time to heal, particularly if fat cells were removed from the arm.

    Take it easy, keep the incision sites clean and contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. 

    The recovery period from an arm lift is typically two weeks. You can expect to be back at work within a week, as long as there is no heavy lifting or strenuous stretching involved in your job. 

    The Outcome

    An arm lift is one of those procedures that makes a huge impact on how our clients feel about themselves. When we remove that sagging skin and excess fat, your appearance is instantly more youthful. You may even feel the need to update your wardrobe to show off your arms again – welcome back to the world of short sleeves.

    If you’re in the San Diego area and considering Brachioplasty to reshape your arms, please give us a call at 858.450.1555

    We have provisions for out of town guests too. Let us know if we can help.

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