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    Life after pregnancy can leave some women feeling not like themselves, and feel dissatisfied with their bodies and just wish for a total mommy makeover.

    Many women consider plastic surgery post pregnancy. Having a child is a very rewarding and cherished experience, but that’s not to say it’s not without its challenges. For instance, mothers sacrifice their time and energy to nurture and care for their children. Jump start your post-pregnancy life with a mommy makeover surgery.

    What Does a Mommy Makeover Consist Of?

    A mommy makeover is usually a packaged procedure set that includes a tummy tuckbreast surgery, and body contouring, to help bring back the pre-baby you. It can include a breast augmentation and or a breast lift that will help bring back that youthful fullness to your breasts. Dr. Chasan created a breast classification chart that can help identify the best suited breast classification for your specific anatomy.

    Dr. Paul Chasan is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and because of his skill and unique capabilities he has been performing mommy makeovers for years. Dr. Chasan has helped innovate on procedures in his field and as such you know you are getting one of the best mommy makeover surgeons in San Diego.

    “I’ve been thinking about getting a mommy makeover surgery, but it’s been a few years since I had my kids, is that OK?” Yes! Dr. Chasan is always willing and ready to help any woman who decides they want a mommy makeover. You’ll be feeling like pre-pregnancy you in no time and that means more beach teach time with the family.

    Motherhood is a reward in its own right, but there’s nothing that says that you can’t get back to who you were with a little help from one of the best mommy makeover surgeons in San Diego!

    Dr. Chasan offers a mommy makeover surgery that can help you feel more like yourself again. In the mommy makeover before and after photos above you’ll notice how great the surgery can look and how great it is for the women who decided to take the plunge into a newer “previous” you.

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    Dr. Chasan Discusses Mommy Makeovers on The Wellness Hour

    Randy: Okay, so going on to today’s topic which is, “Mommy Makeover,” let’s start with a working definition. I mean, what is a mommy makeover?

    Dr. Chasan: Well, the typical change is postpartum, breasts after breast feeding. Sometimes they droop. A lot of times breast get post gestational atrophy. They lose all the volume in the breast. Abdomens, you know, a lot of times people’s, women’s abdomen after kids get stretched out particularly with C-sections because after C-section they actually divide the muscles and then even if they close them, it’s never quite the same. So typical with after mommy equals breast, abdomen. And after the surge of hormones, and this is something that people don’t really talk about, the surge of hormones changes the physiology and some areas of fat, like the hips and the flanks or the outer thighs, they get worse. And once that program gets changed, it’s changed for life.

    So, to answer your question, it’s typically body contouring, whatever it takes: tummy tuck or liposuction, or both and breast, breast augmentation, breast lift, those kinds of things.

    Randy: You told me, in the green room, you said, “Randy, this is the real mommy makeover.”

    Dr. Chasan: Yes.

    Randy: Elaborate on that.

    Dr. Chasan: Well you know, in today’s world you see all these marketing things, the mommy makeover, you click on it and it’s some diet or some, you know, 10-minute ab type workout and stuff. Some of these women, a lot of my women are very active. They’ve had three kids, they work out like amazing. They’re strong everywhere, but they just can’t fix their abdomen. They can’t fix it. They can’t fix their breasts. And these are very fit women. In fact, I could show you some pictures. I don’t know if you want to look at some pictures?

    Randy: Yes, yes.

    Dr. Chasan: Let me show you this picture. And for example, this lady right here, if you look at her abdomen, I mean, she’s pretty fit. But what’s happened is her belly button has stretched out. And a lot of women after having children, they get an outie, an umbilical hernia, their muscles are stretched. And in fact, on the side view, if you look at the same woman even though she’s flexing, her abdomen still sticks out. Now, most of these women tell me they want to be able to wear a bikini again.

    Randy: So, on the consult, this is what they say?

    Dr. Chasan: Yes. They want to feel better in clothes. They want to be able to wear a bikini. They want to not be embarrassed going to the beach. And so those are the kinds of things I hear.

    Randy: So when you look at an abdomen like this on the consult, what do you see? And what goes on in your head of what you need to do?

    Dr. Chasan: Randy, I’ve been practicing for 20 years. I’ve fixed hundreds of these and so in my mind I’m looking at right away, what’s the skin quality? Do they have a diastasis? Which means the separation of the rectus, abdominus muscles. So, your two muscles that are down here, a lot of times they separate, okay? So, I’m looking, what do I have to fix? Do I have to get rid of skin? Do I have to get rid of fat? What’s the skin quality? Am I fixing muscles?

    Randy: So with her, what did you do?

    Dr. Chasan: Well, on her I did a, I actually did a complete mommy makeover. I did a tummy tuck and I sutured her muscles back together. I got rid of her umbilical hernia. I know on your show you can’t show breasts, but I did a breast augmentation, breast lift. And then I did a little liposuction of her inner and outer thighs.

    So Randy, look at the “before-and-afters” on this particular patient. If you look at, a couple things, her incision is extremely low. Most of my women want to be able to wear low cut jeans, have a bikini that is completely covered. That incision, I can tell you after just several months, that incision is a non-incision. It’s so light and…

    Randy: So, you like keeping them low?

    Dr. Chasan: I do. I actually employ a technique called progressive tension suturing. And I actually, underneath the flap, I suture the skin flap progressively, so I can keep advancing that flap down lower and lower. And that allows me two things. It allows me to keep that incision very low and no tension on the incision. And we can talk about that but, keep no tension…

    Randy: So, no tension is just a thinner scar?

    Dr. Chasan: That’s right.

    Randy: Interesting.

    Dr. Chasan: The less tension you put on a scar, the better that incision is going to be. And, so, I pride myself on great incisions. And, so, if you can take tension off that incision so the skin is just kissing, and then I can do just a fine micro bite closure. And if you can put that skin perfectly opposed to each other, you have your best opportunity to get the best scar you can. And, so, whether it’s tummy tuck or breast lift or a face lift, that concept of perfect closure, no tension on the closure, is kind of what I do.