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    As a highly experienced, dedicated San Diego plastic surgeon in Del Mar Dr. Chasan understands some men feel self-conscious because of female-like chest appearance. Fatty tissue deposits and excess skin in the chest area often cannot be removed through exercise and diet, and a surgical intervention is necessary. By performing male breast reduction in San Diego, Dr. Chasan can help men achieve a flat, masculine chest appearance and greatly enhance their self-confidence. Learn more about gynecomastia and gynecomastia surgery.

    Male Breast Reduction Treatment & Technique

    Gynecomastia treatment, commonly known as male breast reduction, is a plastic surgery procedure to reduce enlarged female-like breasts in men.

    The number of men struggling with gynecomastia – the medical term for over-developed breasts – is much larger than most people might think. This condition is best defined as male breasts that resemble the size or shape of a woman’s. 

    Though the condition is not physically harmful, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for men who suffer from it. There are different causes for the problem, ranging from an overabundance of estrogen to aging and weight fluctuation. It can be as simple as fat deposits and the loss of skin elasticity.

    Male breast reduction surgery will help to restore a masculine contour to your chest and torso. It’s a relatively simple procedure when conducted by an experienced and confident plastic surgeon.

    In the San Diego area, that plastic surgeon is Dr. Paul Chasan, M.D., F.A.C.S. He helps men restore their self-confidence with male breast reduction surgery. Call 858.450.1555. 

    Dr. Chasan is nationally renowned for female breast reduction and augmentation procedures. Our surgical facility was designed as a center of excellence for that practice area. Men seeking breast reduction surgery will appreciate the skill of our staff, as well as the privacy and discretion, which our clients value.

    The center is equipped with the latest medical technology and is staffed by qualified R.N.s and board-certified anesthesiologists. Located in Del Mar, California in Coastal North County San Diego, we welcome local clients and patients from out of town.

    What Causes Gynecomastia?

    Both men and women produce testosterone and estrogen. An imbalance in those hormone levels can cause men’s breasts can overdevelop. The condition affects males across all demographics, including younger men, even teenagers.

    Obesity is another factor that causes men’s breasts to increase in size. As the amount of fatty tissue increases, the breast will begin to sag, and the skin stretches to accommodate. Weight loss may reduce the size, but the elasticity of the skin may not rebound, resulting in a flatter but unappealing breast.

    In most circumstances, exercise is not a solution for gynecomastia. The breast is mostly fatty tissue that sits on top of the pectoral muscle – strengthening that muscle will not have any effect on breast size. Enhanced pecs simply provide a more pronounced perch, which may increase your discomfort.

    Men should also be aware that certain medications – including anabolic steroids – can contribute to breast over-development.

    Male Breast Reduction Procedure

    Every patient must discuss their procedure with Dr. Chasan before the surgery can proceed. You can call our office at 858.450.1555 or use our online consultation form.


    At your first consultation, you will need to provide the standard type of details all doctors need: your health history, a list of medications and supplements, and any issues you may have that hinder healing. 

    Patients receive general anesthesia for the procedure, so please plan on having someone drive you home after your surgery.

    The doctor will conduct a physical examination of the breast area to determine whether it’s necessary to excise any tissue or remove excess fat and skin.

    You can discuss your motivation for the surgery and your expectations for the outcome. For most men we see, gynecomastia affects their self-esteem and inhibits participation in social events, such as going to the beach or sports that require close-fitting shirts.

    We want to stress to our male clients– there is nothing embarrassing about taking positive action to solve a problem that causes you distress. Male breast reduction surgery is a good solution.

    The Surgery

    Once the patient has been properly sedated, the doctor will begin the procedure. 


    The common protocol is to remove the fatty tissue using power-assisted liposuction.

    There’s no incision required. Power-assisted liposuction uses a specially designed cannula (a slim metal tube) that vibrates at high speed to further break up fat cells before they are suctioned from the affected area.

    The combination of the two techniques increases speed and safety.

    Breast Tissue Excision

    Once the fatty tissue is removed, the doctor will be able to identify how much, if any, excess skin must be excised. There are variables that depend on factors such as the patient’s weight and skin elasticity.

    Typically, the doctor will create a small incision along the bottom of the areola to remove the excess, then tighten the remaining skin to complete a flat, masculine contour on the chest. 

    On rare occasions, nipple placement may need to be adjusted.

    Once the procedure is completed, the charge of the patient is given to the recovery room nurse who monitors the natural awakening process.

    Post-Operative Care

    A detailed set of post-op instructions will be provided to you before you leave the surgical facility.

    Patients can expect to experience discomfort, swelling and some bruising dependent on the scope of their surgery. The doctor may require a compression garment if he believes it will facilitate the healing process. Though it more likely the chest area will be snugly bandaged, a compression garment can easily be worn under normal clothing.

    You will receive instruction on how to manage your dressings and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Chasan is typically scheduled within a day or two of your surgery.

    There is mild to moderate pain during the first week of recovery. The doctor will provide any needed prescriptions to help manage it. You should expect that rotation of the arms may initially feel stiff, but that is temporary.

    It is important not to perform any strenuous exercise that involves the pectoral muscles or heavy lifting for two weeks or until the doctor gives his approval. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to call the office at 858.450.1555.

    The Outcome

    If you are someone who has tried diet and exercise with little impact on your gynecomastia, this surgery is the solution you’ve been seeking. Within a few short weeks, embarrassing “man boobs” are gone, replaced by a contoured, masculine chest. There are no visible scars – giving you the option to go shirtless.

    The boost to your self-esteem and confidence is something every man deserves. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin is no small feat.

    We’d love to welcome you as a patient. Why not call our office at 858.450.1555 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Chasan? 

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