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    What is a Lip Lift?

    A lip lift is needed when a patient’s upper lip begins to droop. This facial procedure will elevate the position of the patient’s upper lip and give a more youthful look by allowing your upper teeth to be revealed again. Dr. Chasan is very proud to be able to perform this leading edge rejuvenation treatment.

    Lip Lift Treatment & Technique

    Dr. Chasan corrects this simple aesthetic problem by removing a small piece of excess skin and/or tissue underneath the nose. Recovery for a lip lift procedure is about 2-4 days and patients notice a refreshed, younger looking appearance.

    Women have colored their lips for centuries, shaping their mouths with lip stains, lip sticks and liners. A lip lift is the way to enhance the shape of your mouth, creating a symmetrical bee-stung lip without any fillers or injections.

    A lip lift offers a permanent solution for thin or drooping lips, adding volume and highlighting the natural bow of your lip. The procedure is relatively simple, recovery is fast, and the impact is impressive.

    But if you’re considering any cosmetic surgery – especially on your face – you need an experienced, top-ranked plastic surgeon. Don’t make a mistake that could scar you for life.

    Call Dr. Chasan’s office at to set up an appointment at his private and upscale surgical center in Del Mar California. With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Chasan inspires confidence, putting his patients at ease.

    He’s a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S) which means not only is he board-certified, his professional skills and ethical conduct meets the highest standards.

    Who Gets a Lip Lift?

    Women (and men) who want to make a high-impact change in their facial features without using fillers or injections. If your lips are thin, this procedure can significantly change the look of your face

    Some of the best candidates for a lip lift do start with lip fillers – a safe and semi-permanent treatment that Dr. Chasan also performs at his office. These patients like the look of a fuller lip and are prepared to commit to a long-term solution.

    The lip lift procedure can be completed in conjunction with a facelift – a well-known specialty of Dr. Chasan’s. For mature women looking to rejuvenate their appearance – this is a combination that adds a youthful element and brightens your overall appearance.

    The procedure can also helpful to improve the proportions of the mouth, for example a long upper lip that is not symmetrical with the facial features.

    Lip lifts are also very popular with women in 20’s and 30’s who want a more distinctive shape to their mouth. Because the lift lip – sometimes called a shortened lip – pulls the lip upward, it creates a more voluptuous mouth and a well-defined cupid’s bow.

    The Lip Lift Procedure

    The space between your upper lip and nose is called the philtrum. The ideal length is roughly a 1/2 an inch (11-13 millimeters) for women and a couple of millimeters longer for men. At that length, when your lips are relaxed, the tips of your teeth should be visible.

    As with most other “ideal” attributes, these measurements are not necessarily the norm. If your philtrum is extended or your upper lip is naturally thin, a lip lift will permanently enhance the shape of your mouth with a bee-stung look to your lip.

    To visualize the transformative impact of a lip lift, put your finger on at edge of the lip in between the natural bow and press it up. Now smile. See how the lip is plumper, higher, tighter?

    Now imagine what Dr. Chasan and his team can do. If you’re interested in a lip lift, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our office.

    Undergoing the Surgery

    All Dr. Chasan’s procedures are performed at his state-of-art surgical center in Del Mar, California, right in between San Diego and La Jolla. His staff includes multiple RNs and three board certified anesthesiologists.

    Your lip lift is typically performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour to complete. Though you might be able to drive yourself home, we always recommend that you invite a friend or family member to take you to and from your appointment.

    The Bullhorn Procedure

    Once the affected area is completely numb, (the procedure is painless) a small section of skin is removed from beneath the nose.

    The medical parlance for this is a sub nasal incision. But it’s more commonly known as a bullhorn lip lift because the shape of the removed skin looks like the horns of a bull.

    The skin beneath the removed section is pulled up to cover the exposed area and is stitched closed. This shortens the length of the philtrum and lifts the top of the upper lip, called the vermilion border. This exposes more of the underlip, plumping in appearance and giving more definition to the cupid’s bow.

    The Corner Lift

    Some patients with a naturally downturned shape to their mouth will address it by adding a corner lift. A small triangular section of skin is incised at each end of the mouth (similar to a lip lift) and when the incision is closed, lift the lip up.

    For many people, as the skin ages, the lips turn down, creating the impression of frowning. A corner lift refreshes your appearance and lifts up your smile.

    Post Op Recovery

    You should see some swelling and redness in the first few days after the procedure. There may be some discomfort when eating – plan on softer foods until you feel more comfortable.

    Dr. Chasan’s medical staff will provide you with instructions about how to keep the area clean, what you should avoid and how to minimize discomfort.

    The pain is managed with over the counter pain medication and ice to help with the swelling. There should be no problem returning to work within a week.

    Follow Up Appointment

    Our office will schedule a follow up appointment for you within a day or so of your procedure to check your closure and answer any questions you might have.

    There will be no visible scar but sometimes patients themselves feel conscious of the incision point. That will change over time as your focus shifts from the newness of the procedure to all the compliments you’re receiving.

    Remember the initial swelling will distort the shape of your mouth but as you heal – your lip will reveal its voluptuous new shape. You’ll feel younger, more confident and love your new kissable look.

    (Dr. Chasan is a leading plastic surgeon in the San Diego area, but he sees patients from all across the country. Please feel free to use on our online consultation form and enjoy the lovely accommodations we recommend on our website.)

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