Dr. Paul Chasan’s Patient Testimonials

    In addition to Dr. Chasan’s many reviews on Real Patient Ratings, Dr. Chasan also receives ratings on various other sites. Here are some quotes from Dr. Chasan’s patients:

    “I just wanted to tell Dr. Chasen that I am so pleased with my results and so thankful for his amazing staff as well ! I used to model a few years ago and never felt comfortable with the way my breast looked after having kids .. But he has given me my confidence back and I have recently started back up my career as a fitness model .. Thank you all again so very much I can’t even begin to explain! I have attached an unedited photo to just show how amazingly perfect they are.  See you soon.”

    “I can not begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Chasan for giving me my life back! After living years in pain from a “Botched” breast reduction and attempts from other Dr.’s to repair it , facing surgery #4 on my breast was scary. Determined to find a Dr. to help me, I spent several years searching for the right surgeon to repair my breast. I traveled to Del Mar for my first Dr. Appointment with Dr. Chasan 4 months prior. My husband also a surgeon and I were so Impressed with Dr, Chasan extensive knowledge of symastia and how to repair my disfigured breast, He never made promises he could not fulfill he answered ever aspect of complication, expectation and recovery from such a huge surgery (almost 12 hours) and he was spot on 100% for 12 hours !!! I also had a much needed tummy tuck (mommy makeover) and the Results have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Chasan was so Honest in what he could offer me in the form of relief and cosmetic appearance of my Breast reconstruction ~ I am 100% SATISFIED and overjoyed with my results. I travelled out of state from Texas and my only regret was I did not find Dr. Chasan sooner. I am so excited of my results I could tell you about it for pages !!!
    Thank You to Dr. Chasan and his wonderful staff for everything !!!!!! I look forward traveling to California for any procedures in my future, I am a patient for life and I highly recommend Dr. Chasan and Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery !!!!!”  L.R.

    “Through his skilled artistry, Dr. Chasan has removed not only the ravages of time, but the childhood memories of abuse that literally stared at me in the mirror every day. His artistry has given me a new life, a gift that I can never repay. Thanks to Dr. Chasan I have the ultimate experience – he has polished the edges of the sculpture and I am now LIVING art – the art of being ME!” K.J.

    “A warm thank you for being so kind, caring and patient. With these qualities you will always be successful.” Much gratitude.” S.K.

    “Nobody ‘nose’ how important this surgery meant to me. You and your staff not only made me feel at ease, but excited and thrilled about my decision and my choice of surgeons. I love you guys. Oh, and for the record I think it’s perfect! It is just how I pictured it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” L.H.

    “I salute the world’s greatest navel sculptor.” Thank you.” P.N.

    “Thank you all so much for making my surgery such a success and such a pleasant experience! … You are such a warm and friendly bunch; you put everyone at ease right away. And your follow up care is the absolute best!” S.C.

    “I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for such a wonderful job you did. It far exceeded my expectations! I am so glad I held out and waited for the best doctor. You truly are the best and it is reflected every time I look in the mirror at myself. Thank you for making me feel beautiful on the outside. It has made such a difference and I just wanted you to know that.” R.D.

    “A note of thank you to you and your staff. I’m very happy I decided to choose you as my doctor. As you know, I must’ve interviewed fifteen doctors. I look forward to working with you again.” To your success and happiness.” P.M.

    “You were all so wonderful to us. We feel like part of your family. Special thanks to Dr. Chasan, you have changed our lives.” M.M. and E.G.

    “We want to thank you and your staff again for taking such good care of me during illness and recovery from breast cancer. I am so deeply grateful for your support, encouragement and wonderful gift of making me beautiful again.” D.M.

    “Your incredible talent as a plastic surgeon has given me the self-confidence I never had in the past. You and your staff were very supportive and helpful. I wish you and your staff continued success and happiness. Thanks again!” E.H.

    “I have already gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and they are getting baggy. What more could a girl want? Keep up the excellent work!” L.J.

    “It was a remarkable experience because of you… the warm welcome, the confidence you gave me, your professional spirit, your attention to quality and your sincere caring made it an unbelievable experience for me” K.R.

    “Many thanks for your wonderful skills… I intend to have lots of fun with my new face!!” D.M.

    “Thank you for your care and professionalism. I felt I was in very capable hands and the procedure was much easier than I had anticipated. If the occasion arises to recommend your office in the future, I will certainly do so!” F.S.

    “It is only right that I should thank you for the happy results of my recent cosmetic surgery. Everything was first class and I think you are the Very Best cosmetic surgeon in town!!” I.W.

    “I wanted you to know how happy I am with my surgery and how it has changed my life! You are a wonderful surgeon!! Your staff gave more than above and beyond care and attention… from the kind words to after surgery phone calls. I can’t thank all of you enough. I will pass on your good name!!” K.M.

    “Thank you for making this a most pleasurable experience. I could not have made a better choice in the people I chose to handle my procedure. I am very happy!” P.J.