“Lo Barato es mas carro” is a Spanish term that translates to “the cheaper it is the more expensive it becomes”. This is very appropriate in the field of cosmetic surgery. I often see patients who are willing to consider going to Tijuana or a surgeon with no formal training to get breast surgery. They would make this vital decision just to save a few dollars which I find wrong on so many levels. No one would dare go to a cheap neurosurgeon or think about buying a bargain parachute, so why would a patient consider a discounted breast surgery or face lift?

    The longer that I have been in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, the more I realize that there is a huge disparity in the quality and end result from surgeon to surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is not only an art form, but also a craft. Creating a beautiful result can be marred by a poor scar or lack of attention to detail. It takes many years to develop your skills as a plastic surgeon, and it is important that your surgeon is passionate about what they do.

    When selecting your plastic surgeon, it is important that you review their results critically and make your decision based on the surgeon’s credentials, results, and attention to detail. As a revisionary specialist, I see many patients who have tried to save money initially only to spend more in the end on getting it corrected. It makes more sense to get it done right the first time.