Thinking of Removing Your Breast Implants?

When It’s Time to Remove Your Breast Implants You can clearly remember the day you came home from getting breast implants. One look in the mirror was all it took for all the time and money spent to be worthwhile. But somewhere over the years, your feelings have...

Plastic Surgeons Are More Than Vanity

Common Misunderstandings About Plastic Surgery I was recently at an event at our partner hotel, L’Auberge Del Mar, when I was approached by young lady who said that she was in the wellness business. I told her that I was in the same business, as well. I asked her what...

Obsessed With Tension

After genetics, the most important factor for achieving a perfect scar is avoiding tension on the skin closure; this is established at the time of the operation. The skin as an organ is designed to keep out the environment, and therefore has an enormous amount of...
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