Calf Augmentation

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    Dr. Paul Chasan offers calf augmentation in San Diego for patients who are unable to improve the definition of their lower legs through exercise. As one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the San Diego area, Dr. Chasan uses advanced surgical technologies and techniques to create calves that look more prominent yet completely natural. In the paragraphs below, he explains calf augmentation surgery and the results it helps achieve.

    Calf Augmentation Treatment & Technique

    Calf augmentation involves placing solid silicone calf implants on top of the gastrocnemius muscles. For patients with naturally small calves, even with vigorous weight lifting, there is very little chance to improve the size of the calves without surgical help.

    Calf augmentation is performed by placing implants through an incision behind the knee and takes approximately one hour to complete. There are few operations that make as dramatic an improvement as calf augmentation. Most of Dr. Chasan’s calf implant patients are back to normal activities within ten days.

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