Breast Reductive Augmentation

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    What is Breast Reductive Augmentation?

    The term “Reductive Augmentation” was created by San Diego Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul E. Chasan. It applies to a situation in which a breast reduction is performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. During this surgery, Dr. Chasan removes the extra tissue so the volume can be replaced by implants. This procedure results in a smaller breast with more attractive, longer-lasting upper pole fullness.

    Although breast reduction surgery plays an invaluable role in the correction of macromastia, it almost always results in a breast lacking in upper pole fullness. Over the last 14 years, Dr. Paul Chasan developed a one-stage technique of breast reduction combined with breast augmentation termed “Reductive Augmentation” to solve this problem.

    Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Reductive Augmentation?

    This Breast Reductive Augmentation procedure is unique to Dr. Paul Chasan’s practice and creates a breast that is much more round appearing with upper pole fullness. Also, many patients want a smaller breast, but like a rounder shape. This Breast Reductive Augmentation technique is also extremely useful for correcting breast asymmetry, as well as revising significant pseudoptosis (drooping of the bottom of the breast) in the patient who has previously undergone breast augmentation with or without mastopexy.

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