Breast Reduction

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    Breast Reduction Treatment & Technique

    Historically, most types of breast reduction plastic surgery procedures are prone to bottoming out and lack superior pole fullness. To address this problem, Dr. Chasan removes additional breast tissue and replaces it with silicone breast implants.

    For breast reduction patients who desire smaller breasts and also want superior fullness (rounder breasts), reductive augmentation will provide the best possible results. The reductive augmentation procedure takes approximately four hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. Most of our San Diego area reductive breast augmentation patients are up and about within three to four days after surgery.

    How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

    Breast reduction patients in San Diego can expect the cost of their surgery to cost between $14500 – $20500 with Dr. Chasan. Due to the variability of cases, some breast reductions are priced higher depending on the level of surgical complexity.

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